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A Beautiful Disaster....

a life less ordinary..

10 April
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Im a 26 year old mother of one. My daughter literally saved my life. Before i had her i was a drug addict to the fullest. I did anything and everything but mostly Heroin. Once i found out i was pregnant i got on a methadone clinic. I relapsed once when my daighter was 3 monthes old (i was suffering from severe post partum depression) and when i asked for help from my counselor...cps was called. That was enough for me to NEVER wanna touch drugs again. My daughter was place with my mom whom was my BEST friend..so it wasnt so bad. I mean..i saw my mom everyday all the time anyway..but when my mom was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer this past august..she died less then 2 mo. later, so my daughter had to go live with my inlaws (with whom i am currently living with). My husband is in rehab himself right now..28 program wich he better complete cause if he doesnt..he's looking not just at jail time..but at loosing me and our daughter cause i just cant take this shit anymore. Its bad enough i have to live with his parents..who..are unlike ANYONE i have ever met. My husband and i come from 2 totally different worlds...mine was filled with hugs,kisses, and love..where he grew up with the exact opposite..and making sure that everything "looked good" is what mattered.
So yeah, im trying to survive the best i can...find a job...get an apartment *the one i had before we moved back in with my inlaws was great b ut the landlord fucked me by raising the rent to $1500/mo. we couldnt afford that*...and get my daughter back fully. Im just trying to get my head above water and give my daughter the life i never got to have.