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me, summer

Another boring day, in my boring stupid life. Im hoping that i'll get to see Mike for a second when i go to drop off some stuff that his parents got him. I doubt it though, since his mom is gonna come with me. My whole plan was to take Summer in with me, and be like, "Cant mike see her just for a second? We came here by bus..please..",but if Barb comes...i can't say that..and they'll never let me see him. She REALLY needs to sever the apron strings and let Mike's WIFE and DAUGHTER fuckin see him. It pisses me off to no end that she has to horn in. He's a grown man...he would rather see his wife over his mother im sure. When she found out that she wasn't home when he called yesturday, and that i got to talk to him without her eavesdropping the entire time..she like blew a fuse. She kept asking me,
   "So Mike'll call again right? He said he'd call again? I havent spoken to him since he got tthere". I wanted to slap her..i seriously did. I cant belive her somtimes, and the fact that she coddles him the way she does. If i had a son...well if i HAVE a son ever..i vow NEVER to be that kind of mother. I also vow to be nice to the woman he chooses the spend his life with( that doesnt mean all the sluts and morons im sure he'll date before he finds his "one" will be treated nicely).


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