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me, summer

well..today the credit card bill came for the card that Mike had been using for the past 2 weeks, He'd taken it without permission and racked up a bill of about $4000...all on drugs...well mostly. Im sure some of it went to cab fare, paying people for rides,and whatever else. His father went bezerk..and with good reason i must say. At first Tom tried saying i knew about it, and taht since i was with Mike 24/7 when he'd gotten outta detox that i musta known..and dont get him wrong i did..but i didnt spend any of it. I wasnt okay with it either. I'd BEGGED him to stop using it, but he insisted that since it was in his name that it was okay. He wasnt going to listen to me..to him it was...free money.
   After all of the ranting, "Im gonna send him to jail"..and shit like that...his parents took me over to the rehab so we could drop off the stuff they'd got for him. I'd explained that we werent supposed to go up to the unit, but that if we wanted to see him..we'd have to play dumb..go right past the "information" desk and take the elevator to the floor. Well, did they listen? NO..and i thought that i wasnt gonna get to see him because they insisted on asking for directions (fucking idiots). I said "fuck this", and walked right past them and the old hag behidn the desk to the elevator. I went right onto the unit, and long story short..I saw Mike for a few seconds. I told him about what happened with the bill comming to the house..he could care less. I tried telling him how serious it was, and that he better call his dad and explain things. I got a kiss, and he saw Summer (who i had in the stroller with me) for a second, and then i went back down to his parents who were waiting in the lobbey.
   Boy was his mom pissed that i got to see him and she didnt. If the bitch had just fucking listened to me, she too coulda seen him..but NO..she wouldnt listen to me.
I got yelled at a lil more by Tom, cause i told Mike about the bill comming (but he'd told me to tell him..so that way when he called he could explain or whatever..i dunno)..Tom really conotradicts himself alot. It gets so fuckin confusing, and usually im the one who gets the brunt of his wrath when he's wrong and knows it.
   Anyways..my friend Niki whom i have known since forever texted me to get together tomorrow, and we made a whole plan so our kids could play together and WE could just chill. She was gonna drive me to the clinic and everything...once Tom caught wind..he like...decieded i cant go..and neither can Summer cause the fuckin forecast predicts icey rain. Yeah, so i dont know..im like to embarrassed to tell this to my friend..and yet i cant just blow her off...so im gonna have to pray for better weather and just maybe call it off if it is nasty out. I have to live here y'know? and i just dont have the fight in me anymore..not over something so petty


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